Rancho Pueblo - Information

Project Description: Located within Specific Plan Area designated as PDO-6 in Temecula. The site sits between Jedediah Smith Road and Margarita Avenue on north side of Hwy 79. It is adjacent to and to the east of the newly completed Rancho Community Church. The property is relatively flat and drains gently to the south west.

Development Plan and Current Status: The project is planned for the development and construction of 8 parcels on approximately 14.5 acres. Parcel 1 is a self storage facility, Parcel 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7 are 2 story class-A office buildings; Parcel 3 and 8 are restaurant pads. Construction of the Super Storage facility, which began in 2005, was completed by June, 2006. Offices on Parcels 5, 6 and 7 began in Winter 2005 with the site improvements are fully completed shells in Spring 2007, ready for interior build-outs for tenants and suite owners. Construction of the office on Parcel 2 which began in May, 2006 is now completed. The restaurant pads are currently on the market for interested restaurant operators to purchase. Parcel 5 is sold and its buyers are scheduled to begin construction in march, 2007. The streets and infrastructure are complete and signalized. Site and street landscaping is nearly complete.

Market Opportunity: To the east of Rancho Pueblo Center is the approved and entitled UHS hospital currently undergoing plan check processing at the city of Temecula. To the west of the site are the Rancho Community Church schools and offices. Soon there will be a new worship center and high school facilities, playing fields, parking structure and a high level of daily activity. The opportunity for the project is the proximity to two activity generators that attract a consistent flow of people. This proximity is what creates the longterm highest and best use value for the different aspects of project.

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